Cisco Prime Service Catalog – Management Console of ServiceCatalog on Active Directory

Instead of passwords managed locally, It’s time to use an LDAP/Active Directory to be able to manage users without restarting the Prime Service Catalog. This modification has been done on a Custom Installation of Cisco Prime Service Catalog 11.1.1 Patch 3 and should be compatible with 11.2 (future version) as… Read more »

Add JAVA libraries in Cisco UCS Director 5.5

In the file “inframgr.env”, located in “/opt/infra/bin/”:

Add in the variable ORDERED_JARS, the path of all your libraries. Example here, we added the Jersey Client Libraries:

Save the file and then call /opt/shelladmin

Stop Services and Start Services. Wait until the “cloud page” has disappeared.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog stop working after JAVA upgrade

Have a look at:  /opt/CiscoPrimeServiceCatalog  and in the directory  bin , open the file and you should have something like this:

and change the variable  JAVA_HOME with the new path of your JAVA jre. Tips Use the command  update-alternatives --display java

Take the value following the Current ‘best’ version  /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-

Get vmId by vmName in Cloupia Script

How to get the Virtual Machine Identity (vmId) with its name. Create a custom task with this code:

Inputs: VMname (Virtual machine Name) in a string accountName (vCenter Account Name in UCS Director) Outputs: vmId (Virtual Machine Identity for UCS Director)

Cisco UCS Director – Hello World in Cloupia script

Cloupia script is THE scripting language from Cisco UCS Director. Cloupia is a mix between Javascript and Java. The code is interpreted by Nashorn (the Javascript engine from JRE/JDK).

imporPackage has the same role as import from a pure Java code. import java.lang.*  is in cloupia importPackage(java.lang);

Comment connecter un AndroidPhone avec un firewall Watchguard ?

La mise en place est triviale. Il faut le matériel suivant: * Un firewall Watchguard * Un smartphone Android * 2 connexions à internet Au niveau du firewall Watchguard, il faut avoir au préalable activé le service VPN SSL et aller récupérer la configuration ovpn fournie par le firewall à… Read more »

Upgrade Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 to 2.1

I followed this article: Pay attention: Don’t forget to stop NCS To install a patch use: “patch install” To upgrade use: “application upgrade” Put directly files in /localdisk/defaultRepo Add the repository defaultRepo pointing to “disk: /defaultRepo/” But before realizing this upgrade, I got several problems: Not enough space on… Read more »

How to send a backup of a Barracuda NG Firewall via email

How to create a backup of the firewall:

How to build an email with attachment with bash and openssl:

How to send an email via Netcat: