Upload file via VMware VM Agent – Java

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Upgrade UCS Performance Manager from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2

UCS Performance Manager is another “wonderful” product of Cisco for monitoring your physical and virtual infrastructure. Requirements: 8 vCPUs 40 GB of memory The upgrade should be easy, but it’s not. My upgrade process was stuck due to the process zenmail blocked in running mode. Then to be able to… Read more »

Cisco Prime Service Catalog – Management Console of ServiceCatalog on Active Directory

Instead of passwords managed locally, It’s time to use an LDAP/Active Directory to be able to manage users without restarting the Prime Service Catalog. This modification has been done on a Custom Installation of Cisco Prime Service Catalog 11.1.1 Patch 3 and should be compatible with 11.2 (future version) as… Read more »

Add JAVA libraries in Cisco UCS Director 5.5

In the file “inframgr.env”, located in “/opt/infra/bin/”:

Add in the variable ORDERED_JARS, the path of all your libraries. Example here, we added the Jersey Client Libraries:

Save the file and then call /opt/shelladmin

Stop Services and Start Services. Wait until the “cloud page” has disappeared.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog stop working after JAVA upgrade

Have a look at:  /opt/CiscoPrimeServiceCatalog  and in the directory  bin , open the file  setEnv.sh and you should have something like this:

and change the variable  JAVA_HOME with the new path of your JAVA jre. Tips Use the command  update-alternatives --display java

Take the value following the Current ‘best’ version  /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-

Get vmId by vmName in Cloupia Script

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How to get the Virtual Machine Identity (vmId) with its name. Create a custom task with this code:

Inputs: VMname (Virtual machine Name) in a string accountName (vCenter Account Name in UCS Director) Outputs: vmId (Virtual Machine Identity for UCS Director)

Cisco UCS Director – Hello World in Cloupia script

Cloupia script is THE scripting language from Cisco UCS Director. Cloupia is a mix between Javascript and Java. The code is interpreted by Nashorn (the Javascript engine from JRE/JDK).

imporPackage has the same role as import from a pure Java code. import java.lang.*  is in cloupia importPackage(java.lang);

Comment connecter un AndroidPhone avec un firewall Watchguard ?

La mise en place est triviale. Il faut le matériel suivant: * Un firewall Watchguard * Un smartphone Android * 2 connexions à internet Au niveau du firewall Watchguard, il faut avoir au préalable activé le service VPN SSL et aller récupérer la configuration ovpn fournie par le firewall à… Read more »

Upgrade Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 to 2.1

I followed this article: https://rscciew.wordpress.com/2014/08/23/prime-infrastructure-1-3-to-2-1-upgrade/ Pay attention: Don’t forget to stop NCS To install a patch use: “patch install” To upgrade use: “application upgrade” Put directly files in /localdisk/defaultRepo Add the repository defaultRepo pointing to “disk: /defaultRepo/” But before realizing this upgrade, I got several problems: Not enough space on… Read more »